Dastan Bayan Shira

Type of wine White Semi-sweet
Grape varieties: Bayan Shira
Wineyards: Azerbaijan
Nose: Characteristic varietal tones of exotic fruits, honey and spices
Taste: The taste of wine sweet, fresh thanks to a pleasant acidity, repeating the shades of aroma. The finish is soft, silky and harmonious.
Food pairings : An excellent aperitif. Ideal with all types of appetizers, seafood salads, fish, white meats, pâtés, cheeses. Great with all kinds of desserts and fruits.
Serving temperature: 14-16°C
ABV 11-13% vol.
Sugar: 18-45 g/dm³
Volume:  750 ml
Code: 4760019804957

Producer's note: Bayan Shira is a high-quality local grape variety grown in the mid-mountain zone of Azerbaijan. Named after the village of Bayan, Dashkesan region of Azerbaijan. Translated, Bayan Shira means “White Juice”.