Fire Temple 5 years

«Fire Temple 5 years» is a wonderful brandy, produced using classical technology from selected Rkatsiteli grapes grown in Azerbaijan. The blend of this brandy includes selected wine distillates, aged for at least 5 years in old French oak barrels purchased in the last century.

It has a golden-amber color, a complex aroma with hints of sweet dried apricots, prunes and spicy vanilla. The taste is harmonious, with a long, enveloping chocolate aftertaste. Recommended to be served with desserts or as a digestif.

Alcohol by Volume 40%, volume 500 ml

About the name: The area near Baku was already mentioned in sources of the early Middle Ages as an area of unquenchable fires. The “Flame Towers” depicted on the label are three skyscrapers located at the highest point of the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. In appearance, the towers resemble three tongues of flame.

The towers are completely covered with LED screens that display the movement of fire, visible from the farthest points of the city. The lighting of these towers was voted the best in the world in a survey conducted by, an influential urban planning forum.

About the company: The history of our company began during the Soviet Union in 1967. Today we are one of the largest enterprises in Azerbaijan for receiving and processing grapes and producing alcoholic beverages. The company has unique reserves of old wine distillates, preserved in the cellars of the plant.